I was stuck-- up a blind alley, hit a dead end-- and Jeanne saved my (fictional) life. In short order, she found me links, printed resources and (even more wonderful!) two living breathing experts for me to talk with and run scenarios past for [veracity?]. What I was unable to accomplish in three years, she did in less than a month. Thank you, Jeanne!

- Ann Parker

While there was no joy in Mudville when Jeanne Bracken, reference librarian extraordinaire, retired, it is a boon for writers as she can now devote all her time to making us look good. There's is simply no subject she can't amplify or fact she can't nail down.

- Katherine Hall Page

If Jeanne Bracken didn't exist, we poor ignorant citizens of Lincoln would have to struggle along on our own, fumbling through card indexes and losing ourselves in the wilderness of cyberspace. What a nightmare! Imagine a world without Jeanne! But it's all right, dear friends! She's still right there at her desk with her fingers on the keyboard and her expertise at our disposal. In fact, if Robert Browning were to wander into the Lincoln library looking a little perplexed, she would say to him kindly, 'Hi, Bob, how can I help you?' 'Oh, Jeanne,' he would cry, 'let me count the ways!' 'Well, fine,' Jeanne would say. 'What's number one?'

- Jane Langton

Good research librarians are invaluable to authors, and Jeanne Munn Bracken is the gold standard. She's smart, quick, amazingly resourceful, and fun. What else can I say? Jeanne is the best!

- Julie Hyzy

If Jeanne Bracken can't find the information you're looking for, it probably doesn't exist.

- Barbara Neely


Katherine Hall Page, Agatha-award winning author of the Faith Fairchild mystery series
Barbara Neely, author of the Blanche White mystery series
Jane Langton, Bouchercon Lifetime Achievement winner and author of the Homer Kelly series and (for the child in all of us) the Hall Family Chronicles, among other beloved books
Julie Hyzy, award-winning creator of the White House Chef series, the new Manor House Mystery series, the Alex St. James series and other mysteries
Ann Parker, Author, Silver Rush mystery series
LEADEN SKIES “A twisty tale of murder and ambition.” Publishers Weekly
IRON TIES Colorado Book Award winner, Popular Fiction
SILVER LIES Willa Literary Award, Historical Fiction